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Domestic and World Brands

Companies, that have already invested in Penza region:


turkey production


construction of pig-breeding complex


milk and dairy production

Aviagen Turkeys

Turkey incubation egg production

The Konoplex Group

Technical hemp production

intersectoral innovative complex


Group of companies "AGSEN property"

Processing crops


mechanical engineering and metalworking industries


Metal processing machines production

LLC «Motor Technologies»

Production of automatic flushing systems

Industrial pipeline valves

Production of pipeline valves


Cheese production

Penza maple breweries

Maple and raspberry syrup production

«Solntsev» Meat Art House

Production of natural meat delicacies and sausages


Production of Turkish bread and other confectionery products

The Konoplex Group

Production of cold-pressed oils and natural products from hemp and other crops


Production of security and protection systems

The Penza Plant Telema Gino (PPTG)

Production of electrical equipment for railway transport, urban electric transport, shipbuilding


Production of electronic measurement and safety systems for railway transport


Production and supply of special-purpose telecommunications and communication equipment

MedInj Scientific and Production Enterprise

Production of medical devices, endoprostheses and implants for humans


Production of foam and mattresses

Plywood Mill "Power of Labor"

Manufacture of veneer

Furniture factory «SV-Mebel»

Furniture production


Production of a wide range of furniture

Mayak -Technocell

Production of paper, corrugated cardboard, wallpaper, writing and chart paper.

Mayak –Technocell

Production of paper – the basis for furniture and woodworking industries


Production of corrugated cardboard and corrugated packaging

Asia Cement

Cement production by the modern “dry” method

Thermo House

Construction Holding


Production of slabs, piles and columns

Success Stories

Damate is the largest turkey producer in the Russian Federation

60 000
Investment (mln. rub)
New jobs

Penza region is a strategic business partner for Damate Group. I express my gratitude to the leadership of Penza region and personally to Ivan Belozertsev, Governor of Penza region, and Nikolay Simonov, Chairman of the Government, for their active and timely assistance in solving the issues that inevitably arise in the implementation of our ambitious business projects.

Rashid Khairov

General Director of Damate, Russia’s leading turkey producer

Cherkizovo Group is Russia’s largest consumer-oriented meat producer and one of the leaders in the poultry, pork and meat processing markets.

New jobs

Penza region is one of the key regions for Cherkizovo Group’s business. I am sincerely grateful to Governor Ivan Alexandrovich Belozertsev and his team for their support of our investment projects, whose successful implementation has been greatly facilitated by our long-standing open dialogue and favourable investment climate.

Sergey Mikhailov

General Director of Cherkizovo Group, Russia’s largest producer of meat products

Olam is a world leader in milk production

New jobs

Evaluating possible options for locating our business in the Russian Federation, we chose the Penza region. High level of development of the agro-industrial sector of the region, cooperation with Olam International, as well as active position of the Penza region government aimed at providing comprehensive support to the investor, allowed us since 2012 to actively develop our project and become one of the leaders in milk production in Russia.

Sumanta Kumar De

General Director of LLC “Russian Dairy Company” – among the leaders in milk production in Russia

Aviagen Turkeys is a leading supplier of breeding poultry worldwide

New jobs

Thanks to the system for supporting the implementation of investment projects, provision of tax benefits, organizational and other support from the regional government we managed to localize our production in the Penza region in a short time and increase the supply of high-quality hatching turkey eggs for our customers in Russia.

Viktor Fomin

General Director of Aviagen Torquez Rus LLC, a subsidiary of Aviagen, the world leader in supplying high quality broiler breeding stock

Hochland is one of the leading cheese producers in Europe

New jobs

“We have been working in Russia for more than 20 years, in the Penza region – more than 2 years. It should be noted that the project to increase the production capacity of the cheese plant was implemented largely due to the support of the Penza region authorities, which is an indication that for LLC “Hochland Russland”.

Penza region is an important strategic partner for business development in the region.

Alexey Prohorov

General Director of “Hochland Russland” LLC

The Konopleks Group is the leader in terms of cannabis acreage in Russia.

New jobs

“Konoplex Group considers cooperation with Penza Region as a long-term strategy aimed at providing jobs for the region’s residents and providing consumers of the country and foreign markets with a quality and useful product”.

Milena Aleksandrova

General Director of Konoplex Management Company LLC

“Motor Technologies” is a leader in the development and production of automatic flushing units for cleaning parts, units and assemblies.

New jobs

“Penza region is a territory for business development and implementation of new ideas. Our company successfully implements its projects, because Penza region has all conditions for this”.

Olga Izranova

General Director of “Motor Technologies” plant

“StankoMashStroy is a leader in the market of metalworking industry in Russia and CIS countries.

New jobs

Vanyushkin Sweets” company is one of the leading manufacturers of confectionery products with more than 800 items.

New jobs

“Penza maple brewery” is Russia’s largest producer of maple syrup.

New jobs

The House of Meat Art Solntsev is a new enterprise in Russia that produces natural meat delicacies and premium quality sausages.

New jobs

Natural meat delicacies and sausages PREMIUM class of farm meat.

“The Penza land allows me to implement the most ambitious projects, because I always feel the support of the authorities.”

Sergey Solntsev

General Director of Premium LLC

LLC “Mayak-Technocell” is a leading manufacturer of paper-based decorative facing materials.

New jobs

LLC “Mayak-Technocell” is a good example of successful foreign investments in the region and the creation of a joint Russian-German enterprise on the territory of the Penza region. With the support of the Penza region’s leadership, an investment project for the construction of a paper-making machine for the production of base paper for facing materials was successfully implemented.
Western investments were developed in the Penza region, thanks to which the second paper-making machine was launched. Now OOO Mayak-Technocell is the main supplier of backing paper for the furniture industry and board production in Russia.

Vdonin Vladimir

General Director of LLC Mayak-Technocell

Titanmed LLC is the largest distributor of medical products for traumatology, orthopedics and neurosurgery, with representative offices in more than 40 regions of the country.

New jobs

“I was born in Spassk, studied and worked in Saratov and Moscow. My return to Penza years later with the organization of production of Russian endoprostheses is a merit of the regional government, which provided us with unique opportunities for development. As a doctor, I am happy that my native Penza is becoming Russia’s “silicone valley” of the medical industry. I am sure that thanks to the potential of our scientific university city with its strong clinical base we will make more breakthroughs in both science and business.”

Zhupikov Andrey

General Director of Titanmed LLC

Fresenius Medical Care is a large and world-renowned manufacturer of medical equipment and consumables for renal replacement therapy.

New jobs

Fresenius Medical Care operates 92 dialysis centers in different regions of Russia, where more than 10,000 patients with kidney diseases receive affordable and timely replacement kidney therapy by hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. At present there are three dialysis centers in Penza Region, two of which are located in Penza and one in Kuznetsk, where 367 patients receive dialysis treatment in accordance with Russian and European standards. The implementation of investment projects to organize dialysis centers in the region became possible due to the active support of the Penza Region Government. As a consequence, it allowed to optimize dialysis treatment in the region, to introduce high world standards of replacement kidney therapy, to reduce social tension in terms of the problem of timely assistance to patients with chronic kidney disease.

Alexey Smirnov

General Director of Fresenius Medical Care LLC

The Penza plant Telema Gino is the leading manufacturer of braking resistors in Russia.

New jobs

“Penza region has become a platform for us to implement investment projects aimed at creating new jobs and manufacturing high-tech products for various industries. Thanks to the comprehensive support of the regional government, we were able to localize production in the shortest possible time and become a leader in the production of electrical equipment for shipbuilding, railway engineering and industrial power engineering.”

Dmitry Akimov

General Director of Penza Plant Telema Gino LLC

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