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Oleg Melnichenko and Clay Burroughs discussed the prospects for cooperation in the production of tribal poultry products

Acting Governor of Penza region Oleg Melnichenko and Managing Director of LLC Aviegen Turkeys Limited Clay Burroughs discussed abilities of cooperation expanding on Friday, 24th of September.
Aviagen Group is a British company. It is one of global leaders in the field of genetics and breeding of agricultural birds. The company opened turkey factory in Nikolskiy district of Penza region. The farm is designed to produce 1 million eggs annually.
The project is implemented within the framework of the investment agreement between the Government of Penza region and LLC Aviegen Turkeys Rus. It provides for the construction of 10 sites (5 maintenance juvenile farms and 5 breeders farms) for tribal poultry production and realization. All sites were put into operation from 2019 to 2020. 135 new jobs were created.

Oleg Melnichenko noted, that despite coronavirus, Penza region continues showing positive trends in both production and external trade.
«The largest Russian and international holdings continue to expand their presence in the region» – explained acting Governor of Penza region.
Oleg Melnichenko expressed gratitude to the head of the company for the investment project, which is realized on the territory of our region.
«The project «Aviegen Turkeys» has a huge meaning for agriculture both of Penza and Russia. Russian poultry enterprises will be able to get new opportunities for growth due to your enterprise. Decent jobs are created in the region. Tax base is expanded. This creates a good multiplier effect for the economic development of the region» – declared Oleg Melnichenko.
Clay Burroughs has assured that the company intends to develop a business relationship with the Penza Region, expand their production capacity.
«Our turkey project started in June 2018, and we plan to finish it in two years. Investments are 3.5 billion rubles» – he said.
The head of the company Aviegen Turkeys Limited noted that occupies a third of the Russian market on the supply of fertilized eggs.
«We have goals, ambitions, and the ability to move forward. We plan to continue to invest in project, and in the nearest plans, the Combine Feed Plant» – announced plans Clay Burroughs.
The project for the construction of a combined feedstock plant and Phase II of production turkey eggs growing sites is planned for implement in 2022-2023. The total investment will amount to 1.5 billion rubles. Sixty jobs will be created.